Heather & Gooseberry Nokkos Kombucha removed from production - new flavor developed to replace it

Kanerva & Karviainen Nokkos Kombucha poistettu tuotannosta – tilalle kehitetty uutuusmaku
We now share two types of news: good and less good.
Let's take the less good ones first.

Nokkos Kombucha's enduring favorite flavor, also internationally awarded Heather & Gooseberry has sold out of our stock and there are no more coming for the time being. Thanks to the Food Agency for this, we will tell you more about it in this news..
However, don't worry, because you can find Kanerva & Karviai on the shelves of several retailers for a long time to come.

And then the good ones. 

Instead, we developed a new Nettle Kombucha: the crisp, fresh Karviainen. In Uutusmau, we bottled the best of the gardens of the last hot summer.
This fresh Nettle Kombucha has a beautiful color, velvety mouthfeel and crisp acidity, just like the gooseberries of childhood. In addition, the drink is flooded with aromas of nettle, passion fruit and blood grapefruit. A pinch of reishi extract is included to balance both taste and life. Energetically, the whole is wonderfully gentle and uplifting..

Or keep reading  and you will know more deeply what it is about..

You may be wondering why the internationally awarded and beloved flavor Kanerva & Karviainen has been removed from production. Let us know.
  • In the spring, we received an order from the Food Agency that we have to stop using many of the wild herbs and flowers used in Nokkos Kombuchas. For Kanerva & Karviainen, a yarrow flower, a heather flower and a garden sauna flower were placed on the table. Among the other ingredients in Maui, it was forbidden to use the flower of the mesia and the seed of the sedum.

  • On the basis of our healthy and constructive discussion and investigation work, we reached a common understanding about the current situation and the steps forward. We will tell you about them next.

  • At Nokkos Company, we have wanted from the beginning to make both our products and the matters related to their communication in accordance with the regulations. We have acted to the best of our understanding, bringing the most diamond-like raw materials of the Finnish wild nature to people, always in the most delicious, good-for-you and easy-to-eat form possible.

  • In order to be able to continue using these many wonderful ingredients, we should show them the evidence required by the Food Agency of the so-called commercially significant history of use in food.

  • All of the above despite the fact that the wild herbs and flowers in question have been used for hundreds of years in folk (herbal) medicine and can be sold, for example, as tea bags and supplements. They are not covered by the same legislation as foodstuffs, as Nettle Kombucha is classified as.

Sure, but despite that, things go on and the caravan goes on.
  • At Nokkos Company, we want to do things right, and that's why we've been working hard on this for the past few months.

  • So far, proving the required information (significant commercial history of use in food) for the raw materials in question has proven to be challenging. Our investigative work on the issue continues with the brewery team, along with other work.

  • Therefore, after receiving this contact, we immediately took measures to ensure the compliance of our products with the regulations. Consequently, we also started implementing changes to the recipe and, with it, to the packaging labels.

  • As a result of the event, Nokkos Kombuchas with updated, even stronger recipes are hitting the market. We will tell you about these as soon as the tuned products are published. Karviainen was on the bow.

  • It's interesting and especially great that reishi spore mother can be used as an extract in food. Good luck, because it's one of our absolute favorites! That's why we also added it to this new Karviainen flavor.

  • As good news at the end, let us say that we have agreed with the Food Agency that we can sell out our current stock. So you can find all the legendary Nekkos Kombucha flavors in our online store, for example a mixing box Nettle Kombucha MixBox – form and on the shelves of several retailers for a good while yet.
Pssst! If you want to get your hands on future collectible rarities, act fast.
Thank you for reading our message.Wishing you a wonderful and wild autumn,
Nokkos Company team

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