The Finnish manufacturer of nokkoskombucha received funding of one million

Suomalainen nokkoskombuchan valmistaja sai miljoonarahoituksen

Nokkos Company, which manufactures kombucha from Lapland, has received significant funding from Uniq Drinks Finland to expand its operations. The monthly capacity of 45,000 liters at the company's brewery in Punavuori, Helsinki, has quickly diminished and plans are underway to increase production tenfold in the new production facilities in Helsinki..

”Nokkos Company is a great addition to our portfolio that we build for consumers who emphasize sustainability values. As a company, we want to work with ecologically sustainable products, and Nokkos Company's combos fit our vision naturally, says CEO of Heq Group's subsidiary Uniq Drinks Finland Mikko Ali-Melkkilä.

Nettle Company’s kombucha drink uses natural and pure ingredients such as nettle, spring water, berries and wild herbs. Most of the raw materials come from Lapland, and the nightless nights in the north have their own magical effect. Nettle combucha is the only kombucha made on the market entirely from domestic herbs.

The world of flavors, which respects the traditions of Nokkoskombucha's handicrafts, has been available in the selections of online and retail stores. In addition, it has fascinated customers of top restaurants all over Finland.

”This investment will allow us to significantly increase production volumes and provide unique taste experiences to a much larger audience. We also have a lot of new ideas for utilizing Finnish natural products, which we look forward to developing further, describes the second founder of Nokkos Company, the brewer. Lari Laurikkala.

Kombucha is a fermented, mostly tea-based, but in the case of Nettle Company, nettle-based soft drink. Nokkos Company's unique kombucha responds to the growing consumer demand for low-sugar beverages. Kombucha's consumption in Europe is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 25% in 202,126..

During the autumn, Nokkos Company's kombuchas will be distributed to Uniq Drinks Finland Oy in Finland.

Additional information: Sampsa Siekkinen, Chief Operating Officer / Founder, Nokkos Company Oy,, tel .: 050 547 7147

Mikko Ali-Melkkilä, President and CEO, Uniq Drinks Finland Oy,, tel .: 040 8499 105

Uniq Drinks Finland Oy is a beverage company that started operations in 2006. The company is part of the family-owned Heino Group, founded in 1899. Uniq Drinks Finland Oy's business area includes the manufacture, import and distribution of beverages. In addition to wines, the product portfolio includes beers, ciders, soft drinks and spirits, as well as

Nokkos Company is a Finnish food company founded in 2019, which aims to become the world's largest manufacturer of nettle-based products. The taste world of the company's nokkoskombucha is created by hand and is based on carefully selected dishes of northern nature.

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