Acquisition:Kombucha manufacturer Nokkos Company invests in Lapland's natural raw materials

Yrityskauppa: Kombuchavalmistaja Nokkos Company investoi Lapin luonnon raaka-aineisiin

Nokkos Company, which manufactures kombucha from nettle, has acquired Arctic Warriors, a Lapland-based company that collects and processes natural raw materials. Nokkos Company's production is growing strongly, and through the acquisition, the company ensures the supply of raw materials, e.g. its successful product nettle combucha. The opportunity to acquire the acquisition opened up with the financing received by Nokkos Company for its growth.

”Arctic Warriors is our familiar partner and it’s great to have them under one roof. Their intergenerational knowledge and experience of herbs as well as their unique industry expertise bring a truly amazing addition to our team, says Nokkos Company's co-founder, brewing master Lari Laurikkala.

Arctic Warriors, which operates in Narka near Rovaniemi, has collectors and contract farmers all over Lapland. The acquisition will enable Lapland's smallholder farmers and wild herb collectors to have even more work and livelihoods.

”Nettle Company is the best possible growth platform for Arctic Warriors. As part of Nokkos Company, we will be able to take full advantage of world-class raw materials with new products and distribution channels, says Arctic Warriors Product Manager Katja Misikangas.

Kombucha is a fermented, mostly tea-based, but in the case of Nettle Company, nettle-based soft drink. Nettle Company's kombucha drink uses natural and pure ingredients, such as nettle, spring water, berries and wild herbs grown in Lapland. Nettle combucha is the only kombucha made entirely from domestic herbs on the market.

Nokkos Company's unique kombucha responds to the growing consumer demand for low-sugar beverages. Kombucha's consumption in Europe is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 25% in 202,126..

More information:
Sampsa Siekkinen, Chief Operating Officer / Founder, Nokkos Company Oy, tel. +358 50 547 7147

Katja Misikangas, President and CEO, Arctic Warriors Oy , tel. +358 40 039 1656

Arctic Warriors is a company founded in 2014 in the village of Narkaus in Rovaniemi, Lapland, with the aim of branding Lapland's herbs and berries to the world. The company's products are produced by a co-operation network of small farmers and collectors in Lapland, and the company's vision is to create a new large industry for natural products in the

Nokkos Company is a Finnish food company founded in 2019, which aims to become the world's largest manufacturer of nettle-based products. The taste world of the company's nokkoskombucha is created by hand and is based on carefully selected dishes of northern nature.

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