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Nokkos Kombucha on nokkosesta fermentoitu, funktionaalinen nautintojuoma.

Tämä kansainvälisestikin palkittu Nokkos Kombucha on oodi kukkasille. Hempeät kukat kanerva, siankärsämö ja pihasaunio tuovat rentouttavia ja mieltä rauhoittavia vaikutuksia. Samettisen suutuntuman ja kauniin värin viimeistelee karviaismehu.

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Nokkos Kombucha is a functional beverage fermented from nettle.

Description: This internationally acclaimed Nokkos Kombucha is an ode to flowers. From the superaromatic flowers of heather, hogweed and yard sauna, every nuance has been extracted with love. The multidimensional whole gets its velvety mouthfeel and brisk acidity from gooseberry juice, which also completes the beautiful color of the drink.

Food recommendation: Kanerva & Karviainen sit nicely on sushi and sour fish and bird food, for example. Plus, it’s a little surprising to find a friend in the many gentle desserts, such as vanilla ice cream garnished with roasted almonds.ä.

Ingredients: Spring water *, kombucha culture *, organic cane sugar, honey *, nettle *(Urtica dioica), gooseberry juice *(Ribes uva-crispa), hogweed *(Achillea millefolium) flower, Kanervan *(Calluna vulgaris) flower, yard sauna *(Marticaria discoidea) flower.* Finnish raw material

Nutritional content / 100 ml: Energy 33 kJ / 8 kcal. 0 g fat, of which 0 g saturated. Carbohydrates 2.0 g, of which sugars 1.9 g. Protein 0 g. Salt 0 g.

250 ml | Low Sugar < 2 g / 100 ml | Living lactic acid bacteria | Made with Finnish herbs | Unpasteurized | Caffeine-free | Storage < 8 ºC

Pssst!All Nokkos Kombuchas work great as thirst quenchers and refreshmentsstraight from the bottle. In addition, the drinks have similarities to a wide range of wines in terms of both structure and aromas, and Nokkos Kombuchat also stands on the dining table. If you really want to upset your mind, enjoy a decent glass of wine.a.

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