Nokkos Kombucha on nokkosesta fermentoitu funktionaalinen nautintojuoma.

Tässä ihanan marjaisassa Nokkos Kombuchassa rapsakka puolukka ja hennon makea variksenmarja ovat solmineet voittamattoman liiton, jota ei ällistelemättä niele. Juoman aateloi mesiangervon hunajainen kermaisuus.

HUOM! Tämä tarjouserä Marja Nokkos Kombuchaa saattaa olla kuohuvaista sorttia. Maku on kuitenkin priimaa ja parhaimmillaan viinilasista nautittuna. Tuote kun on minimaalisesti suodatettu ja 100 % elävää. AVAA PULLOT VAROVASTI!

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NOTE! This promotional batch of Marja Nekkos Kombucha may be of the sparkling variety. However, the taste is great and at its best when enjoyed in a wine glass. The product is minimally filtered and 100% alive. OPEN THE BOTTLES CAREFULLY!

Nettle Kombucha is a functional beverage fermented from nettle.

Description: In this wonderfully berry-like Nettle Kombucha, crisp lingonberry and delicately sweet crowberry have made an invincible alliance that you won't swallow without hesitation. The drink was ennobled by the honeyed creaminess of the mesage. Many people say that they experience this taste as the best alternative to red wine.

Food recommendation: Lingonberry & gooseberry refreshes many fatty delicacies. For example, spicy tacos and stewed game dishes are a hit with this berry bomb. Puolukka & Varisenmarja is especially the best friend of all meat dishes.

Ingredients: Spring water*, kombucha cultivation*, organic cane sugar, honey*, nettle* (Urtica dioica) , crowberry juice* (Empetrum nigrum) , lingonberry juice* (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) , honeysuckle* (Filipendula ulmaria) flower. *Finnish raw material

Nutritional content/100 ml: Energy 33 kJ/8 kcal. Fat 0 g, of which 0 g saturated. Carbohydrates 2.0 g, of which sugars 1.9 g. Protein 0 g. Salt 0 g.

250 ml | Low sugar < 3 g/100 ml | Live lactic acid bacteria | Made with domestic herbs | Unpasteurized | Decaffeinated | Storage < 8 ºC