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Nokkos Kombucha on nokkosesta fermentoitu elävä virvoitusjuoma.

Nokkonen-maussa on kirkkaasti esillä legendaarisen Nokkos Kombuchan pohjimmainen olemus. Tähän juomaan tiivistyvät paitsi koko kasvin voima myös Nokkos Kombuchan monikäyttöisyys ruokajuomana.

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Nettle Kombucha is a functional beverage fermented from nettle.

In this taste, you can feel and taste not only the power of the nettle, but also the basic essence of all Nettle Kombuchos. In the nettle you can detect - along with the strong nettle - pepperiness and the aromas of juicy exotic fruits; nectarine, peach and sweet lemon. Spicy acidity and gentle bubbles bring brisk poise to the mouth-filling juicy taste.

Food recommendation: Stinging nettle is super versatile and plays with, for example, aromatic fish dishes and salads. Try it with smoked whiting and early potatoes covered with wild herbs. A guaranteed companion is also the country salad with grilled halloumi and oyster vinaigrettes.

Ingredients: Spring water*, kombucha culture*, organic cane sugar, honey*, stinging nettle* (Urtica dioica). *Finnish raw material

Nutritional content/100 ml: Energy 42 kJ/10 kcal. Fat 0 g, of which 0 g saturated. Carbohydrates 2.0 g, of which sugars 1.9 g. Protein 0 g. Salt 0 g.

250 ml | Low sugar < 2 g/100 ml | Live lactic acid bacteria | Made with domestic herbs | Unpasteurized | Decaffeinated | Storage < 8 ºC

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