Arctic Kombucha Connoisseurs

Arctic Kombucha Connoisseurs


-   Exclusive membership - only 150 members   -


What we get the most kick out of is brewing extraordinary kombuchas that blow people's minds.

By joining our exclusive Kombucha Connoisseurs-club, You get to experience our super-special once-in-a-lifetime batches of kombucha as they are brewed with extraordinary care, seasonal ingredients and a big dash of imagination, four times a year.

By becoming a connoisseur, You can help us change the drinking habits of other people by providing Your valuable insights. Also this is the only way to get to try our new products before they are available for purchase anywhere else!


And oh, the parties with this cozy, little crazy, cool, kombucha-gang…  


Included in the yearly membership:


* 4 times a year one six-pack of special batch of Arctic Kombucha, straight to your door.

* Total 24 bottles (750 ml) per year | Value 420€.

* -35% discount on all of our products.

* Avec invitation to the Summer party, including open "GinBucha" Bar (ft. Arctic Blue Gin) & Arctic snacks

* Avec invitation to the Christmas party, including open "GinBucha" Bar (ft. Arctic Blue Gin) & Arctic snacks

* Special surprises from our partners.

* Exclusive membership - only 150 members.

* Yearly membership fee only 420 €